exhibitions 2005

CAC-Schau in Ulm on April 24th 2005

Byron von Saxenheim Sensation - Result: excellent 1

Mephisto vom Aischgrund - Result: SG 1, BAF

Fotos of Peter Wiesseckel



Breed exhibition in La Bégude de Mazenc (France) on May 15th 2005

Byron von Saxenheim Sensation - Result: Excellent plus in the Ring of honours

Mephisto vom Aischgrund - Result: SG 3

To the exhibition in La Bégude we would like to make a few notes. It is even of the success of Byron for Non-French-People, means for foreigners, not advisable to show your dog on a French exhibition if a Frenchman is the judge. The judge of Byron was Italian (Monsieur Bezzechi) and arranged absolutely correctly. Mephisto was jugged by a Frenchman who knew the breeders of the two other dogs and didn't considered Mephisto at all. The two other dogs could not keep up neither in the colouring nor in the Stature or head form with Mephisto and were however preferred. Also Frenchmen found the judgement dubious and unfair. The explanation to us was that this is so in France with a French judge. Thus, save the money and show your dog in an other show even if the judges name is Monsieur Garnero. Foreign dogs do not have a chance, even if the evaluation were very good, but the competitors looked like a bull-Terrier out and not like a Great Dane.


23. CAC - Noris Schau - OG Nürnberg on July 17th 2005

Byron von Saxenheim Sensation - Bewertung: very good 1

Mephisto vom Aischgrund - Bewertung: very good 2

As much we to have heard it was very fair by the females, but we had not so much time because we was by our self in the ring. By the males it was also completely ok, whereby we have to mark one thing: the judge desired that the people have to train more with their dogs for the exhibitions. We found this mark a little funny because this is once again more something more for the breeders and not for private persons (see previous side). In addition we found something very strange: one dog ran catastrophically so and he was requested so long to run until it fits in a way and then this dog triumphed! Also the character was considered as usual again very few.

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