Mephisto vom Aischgrund


* 8.9.2004 - 02.07.2014

Our wish was always a Harlequin Great Dane. We looked at the different websites of Harlequin breeder for one year or observed them on exhibitions. After we had to break our vacation in September 2004, Hera stopped to eat out of the house, we started our concrete search for a Harlequin. Further we had naturally sufficient time to look for the "right" one for us, because we prefer for example dogs which have the conditions for a long life. This we found by the family Schuster, "Doggen vom Aischgrund". We had the big luck to have the fist choice and we could also to choose the name "Mephisto". We promise ourselves now a strong thrust for our old Lady Hera and naturally a play comrade for Byron who is sometimes to strong for Hera. With Hera our hopes got not fulfils it was only a short time, but Byron has his play comrade and Mephisto is just the same as  Byron, friendly to humans and animal.

Mephisto vom Aischgrund moved on November 5th 2004 in and we have a lot pleasure with him.

pedigree Mephisto
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