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That my dog is the dearest to me,
you say oh humans, is sin.
The dog remains for me in the storm faithfully,
humans not times in hoist..

Franz von Assisi

We are since the year 2000 back from Greece in Austria in the near of Salzburg. We have Great Danes since the year 1996. With Apollo came the first Great Dane to us. From the year 2003 on lives Byron from Saxenheim Sensation also by us. We will breed with him in the future and in July 2004 we want to get the breeding approval. For requests we are any time available for you. We set value on following points: not only the size or the good looking are the main points but rather the health and if possible to get a higher age and of course the good character and the race-standard. We think nothing from over-breaded Great Danes who die in young age.2004 came Mephisto vom Aischgrund to us with, who gave our old lady Hera a wonderful last time and forms with Byron today a beautiful pair and helped us over Hera's death away. Whereby we stated already twice that a Great Dane mourns over the lost of another exactly the same like we humans.

Our Great Danes live together with us day and night and accompany us everywhere. All our Great Danes were and are very people and animal-friendly, they love everything which moved, as you can see in the following photos.

We are also again and again gladly helpful in the switching of Great Danes, and are pleased that we found some beautiful places for the gentle giants. For the purchase of a Great Dane - we visited many kennels in the last years and we had seen much - we would like to give following advice: The best is to look for a small kennel, the Great Danes should have in all cases family connection and live the house. Also should not let be deceptive from possible champion titles, much better is it if the breeder breeds on health and a character. The Great Dane becomes already not very old actually, on beauty breeded reaches often not even the fifth Year! It is ideal if one sees that mother, grandmother and perhaps also still great-grandmother lives in the house or elsewhere reconstruct one their life in the Internet. We are providing a list of such breeders, whereby we are very grateful for information and suggestions.

We want to thank our friend Helma for the nice photo-collage on the first page.


Photos from Greece

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