diary 2003

July 13th 2003 - Our first visitor was our Veterinarian Dr. Mathias Facharani with his girl friend and Jung-Labrador Rocco. It was a wonderful afternoon with two complete tired dogs.



September 27th 2003 - In harvest we visited our friends in upper Austria. Helma and her Irish Wolf Yggdrassil and the white German Shepard Grisha, as well Iris and Pold with the Hammerherren Great Danes. Byron felt straight way in love with Apanachi. We had a wonderful day on Helma's Ranch. Even on the next day we did not saw anything from Byron - he was only tired. 



November 23rd 2003 - The next visitor was our friend from Munich Kurt with his girl friend and Doberman Duke. By this visit we realised the first time that Byron is in his quiet character and wise a real Alpha-Male. He didn't need a long time to dominate the four years older Duke.



December 17th 2003 - The first snow - Byron likes the snow in the same way as Apollo.



December 5th 2003 - On the occasion of the Birthday of Peter's Father Walter we recognised the favourite-drink of Byron - CHAMPAGNE!!!!


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