April 2006

April 9th 2006 - New generation?! No, but it is now ten years ago that we got our first Great Danes Apollo and Hera. Our health is in the moment not in the condition to became or make visits, so we will give a small review. At this time we lived in Greece near Corinthos and with us lived also Aris, Zeus and Snoopy (mixed dogs). We had a nice time and a lot of fun, Apollo was learning swimming in the sea, but we had also snow, and this near the seaside! We have to much photos - please look further with a click on the photos.



April 16th 2006 -  Considers the television in the background! Nothing is going over Dog-TV. Sophie with Alina.


April 22th-23th 2006 - After Sabine's heavy operation and the broken volume disks we could receive finally again attendance. Who would be close more lying than our dear friends Maria, Juergen, Kerstin and Sophie naturally with Alina and Zira. On this occasion also directly our new summer-house was inaugurated. Please look further with a click on the photo.

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