* 6.1.1996  -   4.5.2003

Apollo was our first Great Dane. He was born on the island Crete by a German breeder and we picked him up over there. In his 5th month of life he got very ill. Only on the Veterinarian University in Thessalonica the doctors could save his life. During this time Hermann moved to Thessalonica and kept his promise to give us Hera as a present. He gave us this promise by a visit before in our house. Apollo was 105 cm high and we think he was one of the tallest Great Danes. He brought to our life many joy and happiness. Most of the Greek people are afraid about big or black dogs. Apollo was both of it big and black. Once we met the wife of the Greek Justice Minister. She invited us to her table because she wanted to know more about Apollo and the Tavern-owner panicked and stared funny things. Apollo liked to go out in bars. He was standing with his front-legs on the bar and shocked the persons around. Also at this we had some funny situations where guests left in panic the bar or he looked under the skirts of the female guests. Apollo was also a good watchdog. Once came burglars into our ground and the results of this visit could only fix a doctor. Apollo loved the snow which he could see one time in Greece. Back in Austria was the winter-months with snow his greatest fun. In April 2003 Apollo got arthritis and his life ended too early on May 4th 2003.

The picture on the top was our first picture from Apollo, the picture on the bottom our last. How pictures look alike!