* 24.5.2002 - † 23.08.2012

After the death of Apollo and all the problems with Hera we was searching for a Male Great Dane although we was not ready by our self at this time to take a new dog. We knew from our Veterinarian and from other breeders that a puppy is to stressful for our "Old Lady". Further we had to find a Great Dane which Hera will accept. Karin Gewinner had changed one of her Jung Male Great Dane with Byron von Saxenheim Sensation from Belgium and she was so adorable to leave Byron by us if Hera will accept him.

Karin came on May 17th 2003 with Byron to us. Hera, Byron and we understood us perfectly from the beginning on. In the following time Byron develop to the darling of the house and to the half of our village - the other half is still frightened. By our daily walk we are often visiting a Café where Byron get friend even with persons which are very afraid about dogs and these persons stroke him as well.

Byron became on July 3rd 2004 in Ochenbruck the licence for to breed.

pedigree Byron
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