* 6.1.1996 - 25.11.2004

She is the litter-sister of Apollo, we got her on the occasion of a visit by the breeder as a present - please look to "Apollo" - because the dog's have it so nice by us. Hermann would like to keep her at this time to breed with her and named her all the time only "princess". But he had a person-dog-relationship-problem with her. As soon as Hera saw us, she never moved away from us. She is until today shy about persons, we think because of the problem with Hermann. But if she like's somebody she is like a small kitten. Hera prefers until the day Byron came, to stay by the house and the garden and did her job as an excellent guard dog. All time she like's more to sleep in the bed than on her dog-mattress. After the death of Apollo she was so sad about this lost, that she strikes to move and she was only mourning. The way out of her and our sadness we found with Byron. Hera likes Byron from the first moment on and they started to play in the garden right away. She changed her character with Byron and wanted to come with us anyway. Hera is very well withal her high age of 8 years.

Hera had a lot of fun in the last eighteen months with Byron and on our journeys, she could also had Mephisto on her side, which gave her in the last life days again upswing, unfortunately no longer as much as we had expected. Hera died at cancer - she brought endless joy in our life!

more Photos from Hera in "Fotoalbum Greece"
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