International dog show in Munich 2004 Olympiahalle

In Munich we met many friends we got also many more.

Karin Gewinner with her "Gewinnerdoggen" Caruso und Leony.

Karin won with Caruso and celebrated after a "little bit".


We met also with Ramses and Shanti del Castello Delle Rocche.

und our friend Claudia with the half brother of Byron - Merlin


CAC-NORIS-SCHAU in Nürnberg 16.5.2004

Result: very good 4

erstes Kennenlernen Karin, Katja und Jan beim Foto ansehen inkl. Caruso Karin, Katja und Christopher

"Grautiger" Caruso

Cordula mit Balou Katja mit Byron Katja mit Byron

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CAC-SCHAU - OG Höchstadt/Aisch 20.5.2004

Result: excellent III

Bernd mit Iwan Andrea mit Calvados Katja mit Caruso

Andrea mit Byron Katja mit Byron im Ring Jabadabbadoo mit Byron

im Ring in Ring Zuchtgruppe

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Internationale Hundeausstellung - Alpencup Innsbruck 2004

Byron's first international exhibition

Result: excellent II, Res. CACA, Res. CACIB

Description: more strongly, well pigmented well built blue male, not-arrested well carried ears, good upper head, correct stop and nose line, dark eyes, flews in order, full shears, a little throat-skin, neck in order, good withers, straight lines backs, good croup and well carried rod. Good thorax and chest height, easily drawn up belly line, bending in order. Expenditure-maturing motion.

On the photos some colleges from Byron.


2. CAC-Schau Deutsche Dogge - Eching am See - 5.9.2004

Result: excellent II, Res. CAC

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