Since we wanted to terminated with the CAC-Show in Nuernberg on July 17th 2005 our exhibition phase,two friends from us organized two exhibitions and we decided to visit these two exhibitions. e we us decided these to still visit. In any case Byron ended know his exhibition stress and probably also Mephisto (perhaps next year only for "locating"). But we will visit some exhibitions still as visitors, we would like to give our comment and the comment of the exhibitor and also about the exhibition process. We wish our selves that this is understood as free expression of opinion.

Fundamental is it so that for Non-Breeders a exhibition is a point to close new friendships and a place for the meeting of already existing friends. An exhibition cost money, you have to stand up very early and you have to stay until to the end of the exhibition it does not matter if the weather is cold or hot. To visit only the exhibition is substantially more relaxed and any successes is only for the breeder or the own Ego. The dog has nothing at all of it, except stress.

Also is it quiet uninteresting for the simple Great-Dane-Owner to stand in the ring against breeders who kept themselves for the exhibition the most beautiful Great Dane and these are the most of the showed dogs. Further it can occur with judges that they have a certain close relationship with breeders and then these prefer these dogs. As we reported already several times and which we  already experienced by ourselves. In addition tastes are different.

In the end we would have still another suggestion to the different clubs and associations: No valuation or claim on a title should be assigned, when in one age group and colour group are not at least five dogs present and at least 50 percent of the dogs in the possession of simple dog-owners. Then it would be also more interesting for a pure owner, because it is nothing more boring to stand in the ring only against one or two dogs. The breeders would then also be forced that a larger number of dogs is present. In addition the character should be more included into the evaluation.

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